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PS4 update 3.00 mañana miercoles sept. 30

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From John to Venom: The Story of Metal Gear Solid

With Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes already released and The Phantom Pain on its way, you will soon be able to witness the transformation of Big Boss into a man fueled by revenge.
For the newcomers who want to understand MGS history, or the veterans who want to rediscover Big Boss’ legacy, here’s a summary of the events that lead to Metal Gear Solid V.


In this article, we will also talk about real events that happened in real life and real organisations of real countries will be shown in blue.

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Star Wars The Old Republic

Para los que les guste star wars y los juegos MMO, aqui tienes la oportunidad de entrar con buenas armas

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Shadow of Mordor Stream

Para aquellos que les guste Lord of The Rings!

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Final Fantasy XV Trailer

Se ha renovado mi fé en Fianal Fantasy….

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Bad Blood, Watch_Dogs DLC

La nueva expansion de Watch_Dogs


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Forza Motorsport 5 is free with Gold on Xbox One this weekend

PAra los que tienen Xboxone y Gold Forza estara “Gratis” este weekend


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Microsoft no puede poner “anucios” en el xbox

Al parecer Microsoft no tiene los permisos para poner anucios en el xbox…..o si?


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Buy an Xbox One in the US, get any game free

Para los que no tienen Xboxone aun, microsoft a tirado tremenda oferta!


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Goro Returns

El personaje de MK Goro vuelve a MK X


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